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On this page you can find useful information about administrative matters concerning the Visa, work, Universities, forms and specific as well as general instructions. For example, here is a map of the
Vienna underground translated into English...well, kind of! Here you find the version that might be more useful for your daily life.

How to finish your thesis


General information

1. Info sheet General information

Please pay attention to some important matters you need to do before you start to complete your thesis!


2. Info sheet Reviewers
Bring the signed and filled in documents to Ulrike. Ulrike will take care of the signature of the V-SPL and forward your documents to the StudienServiceCenter (SSC).
"Assignment of a thesis to reviewers" SL/D3-engl 
"Zuweisung einer Diss an Beurteiler" SL/D3-german   

"Zuweisung einer Diss an Beurteiler -Abstract" SL/D4   

Formless A4 page: Scientific CV of the suggested reviewers

"Personell Data Sheet" PA/P3e                                            
Formal Requirements of your thesis

3. Info sheet Formal Requirements

Please carefully read the instructions how to fill in the Cover page, as there are very strict rules! Note that the cover page is available in german only!

Cover page

"Cover page" SL/D12 - femal

"Cover page" SL/D12 - male

  Cover page - Example
Cumulative Dissertations "Guidlines for Cumulative Dissertations"

"Leitfaden für kumulative Dissertationen"
Generating the pdf file of your thesis

4. Info sheet generating the pdf file
Electronic submission & Blockage of your thesis

5. Info sheet electronic submission of your thesis
"Blockage of the Doctoral thesis" SL/W3 english
"Sperre der Benutzung der Dissertation"
SL/W3 german

"Sperre der Benutzung der Dissertation"

Submission of hard copies

6. Info sheet submission of hard copies
Green Map "Einreichung der Dissertation" -> from Ulrike

Data sheet

Data Sheet reviewers (PA/P3e)

"Doctoral Thesis Submission" (SL/D6)english
"Einreichnung der Dissertation" (SL/D6) german

Print out of the statistic sheet:

"Prüfungspass" -> from Ulrike

(Optional: Blockage of Doctoral thesis SL/W3 see above)

7. Info sheet Defense
"Registration for doctoral thesis defense" (SL/P4) english

"Anmeldung zur mündlichen Abschlussprüfung" (SL/P4) german
Your Degree

Please take into account that certificating your diploma might take up to one month! Be sure you will have a valid Visa until then.

You will be informed by E-mail when your degree is ready for pick up at the SSC. You have to go there in person and take an ID with you:

SSC Lebenswissenschaften
Zimmer 2C 323
UZA II, Althanstraße 14
A-1090 Wien

Counter service:
Tue & Wed: 9 – 12
Thur: 14 – 18

General information
PhD program N094 Compilation of the doctoral thesis

Good Scientific Practice - Ethics in Science and Research

Ethics Declaration

Vancouver Guidlines
Formal Requirements of your thesis

1. Information sheet formal requirements
Template: the cover page

Template: Content of the thesis

Get the Copyright for your publications

Pre-check your thesis for plagiarism

Plagiarism check - handout german/english
Generating the pdf file of your thesis

Information leaflet "How to create a thesis in PDF/A format"
Thesis upload

Login in to your student´s MedCampus account and follow the instructions for the thesis upload
Instruction - thesis upload

1 PdF/A-version of the thesis in A4 format,
Suggestion for formatting: Times New Roman resp. Arial, 12pt; line spacing: 1,5 lines; margin: 2-3 cm
During the upload procedure the following further documents in PdF/A-format are required:
Ethics declaration,

Application for blocking of the doctoral thesis if necessary (e.g. in case of patents, publications, ...

Send the Declaration of consent in PdF/A-format via @mail to your Program Manager or directly to martin.janku@meduniwien.ac.at
Send your first-author publication(s) in PdF-format and the impact factor(s) via @mail to your Program Manager or Martin Janku

List of 5 suggested reviewers (2 will be chosen by the MUW)
Internal reviewers: Your supervisor cannot be a reviewer! You may list 1 PhD committee member.
External reviewers: list with contact details (email and webpage) and  a short comment why they are suitable to review your thesis.

Electronical registration of key data:

Login1: opus
Login2: diss_umw

see also Info Merkblatt zur Internetdatenerfassung available only in German language.

Submission of hard copies Hand in 2 bound versions of the thesis in A4 format after the reviewing process (see below) pages may be imprinted one-sided or duplex; your name shall be on the spine of the thesis books.

Please forward the form LOM-Aufteilung to your supervisors employed at the Med Uni Vienna and afterwards submit it together with the thesis books only if the supervision was devided between several supervisors.
Plagiarism check

The thesis will be submitted by the MUV to

1. A plagiarism check, please see info handout.

Students should avoid any form of plagiarism and are bound to get informed about serious consequences that result from this form of misconduct. Further information about this subject can be found under the here.

If there are any further questions about plagiarism after reading this pdf.-file please ask your supervisor.

Important: It is not intended that students use commercialised algorithms in order to analyse drafts of their expositions with respect to plagiarism prior to the final submission of the doctoral thesis. This can lead to wrong results during the plagiarism check and can necessitate a new writing of the text.

After the check you will get feedback. If improvement is necessary (in 60% !!! of uploads at the moment), the student and the supervisor will be notified by the Curriculum Director.

Attention: Only ONE correction will be accepted!

2. The 2 anonymous reviewers/experts

3. The MUV- and the National Library

After submission of the thesis at the Medical University of Vienna the direction of curriculum assigns two independent experts. After the arrival of the positive expert opinions the examination board is nominated and a date for the doctoral viva between you and the board is fixed. The period between the submission of the thesis and the date of the doctoral viva can last up to 3 months.
 Doctoral Viva In the doctoral viva the doctoral candidate's comprehensive knowledge is examined by an examination board consisting of a chairperson and two examiners. The examiners are assigned by the curriculum director due to their professional relation to the thesis topic; however they shall not have a publicatory relation with the candidate apart from the supervisor. The supervisor of the doctoral thesis is appointed as one of the examiners unless any severe reasons speak against it. Within the scope of the doctoral viva it shall be evaluated if the doctoral candidate possesses the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in the field of the respective program topic.

The doctoral viva comprises topics

1. of the doctoral thesis including current knowledge relevant for the respective scientific problem as well as

2. of the thematic field encompassing the thesis topic.

The doctoral viva is held within the frame of a public lecture (defense, "Defensio dissertationis") followed by a scientific discussion in which primarily the examination board asks questions but the auditorium may also participate. The examination board has to evaluate the scientific methods of the thesis as well as the specialized knowledge of the doctoral candidate. In well-founded cases (patent process) the curriculum director is at the request of the doctoral candidate or the supervisor entitled to restrict the auditory to a small-qualified number.

By request of the doctoral candidate the doctoral viva can be held either in German or in English.

Duration of the doctoral viva:

approx. 20 min lecture (defense with the help of a Power Point presentation),
approx. 30 min discussion about the thesis, lecture, specialized knowledge
 Completion of the studies The studies have been completed successfully if

1. all courses
2. the doctoral thesis and
3. the doctoral viva about the thesis topic have been completed successfully

All are essential components for the completion of the studies and are evaluated separately. A negative evaluation in one of them cannot be compensated by achievements in the other.
 Questions left? Please contact:
Martin Janku
Medical University of Vienna
Study and Admission Office


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PART 1: Administrative matters: Visa & Work
  PART 2: Administrative matters: Universities & Thesis
 1. How to get started - Visa/ Aufenthaltstitel, KSV confirmation   1. Registration deadlines for the current term
 2. Reimbursement Visa fees   2. Registration at the Universities
 3. Work contract   3. Tuition fees & reimbursement
 4. Absence from your work place   4. Continuing your studies
  5. PhD NEW at University of Vienna  
    6. PhD Medical University N094           
    6. Thesis agreement and Annual PhD committee meeting report
    7. MFPL Thesis print out service
    8. Plagiarism check
    9. Funding oportunities


Administrative matters: Visa & Work

1. How to get started

- MFPL Welcome packages

The welcome packages provide a lot of useful general information.
Please contact Ulrike for more information.

- DK Structural Biology
- Survival Guide

This booklet will inform you about the DK Structural Biology and specific requirements of the program.

- VISA & residence permit ("Aufenthaltstitel"):

Before you can start your studies and work in Austria you need a valid Visum and residence permit. The steps that need to be taken are:
  • Apply in your home country for a Visum D and "Sonderfälle Unselbständiger Erwerbstätiger" in the Austrian embassy. It is NOT possible to apply for this Visa in Austria!!! The Visum D allows you to entry Austria and work here. It is only valid for 6 months.
        After your arrival you must pick up your reseidence permit "Sonderfälle Unselbständiger Erwerbstätiger" from the MA 35. (-> Welcome package: Living in Vienna)
  • After one year of working in Austria it is possible to apply for a Red-White-Red card.
            Application for "Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte" downloads:
Application form
                  Pdf file explaining how to fill in the form (only available in German). If you need help, contact Ulrike.
Form "Arbeitgebererklärung" (employer confirmation from the respective university: Meduni or Univie) Available at the personal office of the respective University.
  • After another 12 month you may apply for the Red-White-Red-plus card. With this card you have free access to the Austrian job market (in contrast to the other Visas).
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2. Reimbursement Visa fees

Visa fees are refunded for all students. Please fill in this form (available only in German, contact Ulrike if you need help) and bring it together with the confirmation of payment to Marion Linger (6th floor, room 6.108).

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2. Your work contract

The work contract with the Universities only lasts as long as your Visa is valid. The new Visum is required to extend your contract. The new Visum is required at least two weeks before your old contract ends! It is also absolutely necessary that you send the confirmation of application immideately to Ulrike! With this confirmation the work contract can be extended for one month until you reiceive your VISA.

To extend the validity of your Visa you must go to the MA35 or to the "Magistrat" in your home district (Bezirk) again and bring some documents with you. Here is a checklist and here is the form. Please allow for 3 to 4 weeks for the Visa renewal process.

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3. Absence from your work place

- Holidays
You have 5 weeks (25 working days = Monday to Friday) paid holidays each year. On a public holiday you do not need to work and you do not need to take holidays. If you want to go on holiday you need to inform your supervisor and the secretary´s office in advance by writing an email that goes cc to your supervisor.

- Sick leave
You must inform the secretary´s office at the first day of your absence. If you are ill for more than 3 days you must bring an doctoral confirmation. Those of you who are insured at the BVA insurance company need to take the form "Arbeitsunfähigkeitsmeldung" that was sent to you to the doctor. He will send the upper part to the BVA and you have to bring the lower part to the office.

- Conferences
MUW students who attend a conference, workshop or the like, need to fill in the form "Sonderurlaub" in advance. Hand in the complete form at the 3rd floor office.
University students need to fill in the Form "Antrag auf Genehmigung einer Dienstreise" likewise in advance. Hand in the complete form to Karin Pfeiffer.
IMP abd IMBA students please use the hitherto existing procedure.

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Administrative matters: Universities & Thesis

1. Registration deadlines for the registration in WS 2012/13:

General admission period:
18. Juni to 5. September 2012

Tution fees: 363,36 EUR plus ÖH-fee 17,50 = 380,86 EUR

Extension period:
6. September to 30. November 2012

Tuition fees plus 10 percent: 417,20 EUR
  General admission period:
20. Aug. 2012 - 30. Sep. 2012

Extension period:
01. Okt. 2012 - 30. Nov. 2012
Tuition fees 10% increased

Attention ONLY in WS12/13 NO study fees have to be paid at the Medical University!

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2. Registration at the Universities


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3. Tuition fees & reimbursement

-Tuition fees:

   Information about the tuition and student´s union fees at the University of Vienna: Student point - The tution fee

   Information about the tuition and student´s union fees at the Medical University of Vienna: Studienbeitrag (available only in German, contact Ulrike if you need help).

- Reimbursement:

Study fees are refunded by the MFPL as long as you are in the minimum duration plus 2 tolerance terms. Please fill in this form (available only in German, contact Ulrike if you need help) and bring it together with the confirmation of payment to Marion Linger (6th floor, room 6.108).

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4. Continuing your studies


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6. Medical University: PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) N094

Information and overview of the requirements at the webpage of the Medical University

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7. MFPL - Thesis print out Service

The MFPL offers PhD students to print out their thesis work (up to 4 exemplars). You either send an .pdf file to Marion Linger (office of the admin director Fabien Martins) or you come to Marion´s office (MFPL building, 6th floor, room 6.108) personally with an usb-stick.

- printout has to be double-sided

- after the cover page you need to put in an empty sheet

- before printing your thesis, please check the requirements of your Universitiy (e.g. cover page)!!!

Univeristy of Vienna: StudienServiceCenter download "Titelblatt Dissertation". (German only at the moment, if you need help, please contact Ulrike). Forms download.

MedUniWien: Submission of the completed doctoral thesis download on this page: -> "see template for the cover page"

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8. Plagiarism Check

The MUW informed us about the new plagiarism checks of the doctoral thesis. Find a summary here. These are MUW rules but might also be useful for University students. Additionally, some of the info is helpful for paper writing. If you have questions, please contact Ulrike.

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9. Funding opportunities

VIPs (Vienna International PostDoctoral Program) organised an information day on 9th October 2012. Speakers froj the FWF, ÖAW and FFG gave a talk about the different grants and fellowships.

Here is a summary and overview and the ppt of the talks:

You find also a summary from VIPS on the MFPL intranet:
MFPL intranet at Info Share (menu bar on top) -> wiki -> (menu bar on the left) -> vips ->phds-postdocs -> funding opportunities

  • EMBO – European Molecular Biology Organization
  • FEBS – Federation of European Biochemical Societies
  • HFSP – Human Frontier Science Program
                  1. Post-Doctoral Fellowships                                                  
                  2. Career Development Award


Click to go to:

Plagiarism check

The MUW informed us about the new plagiarism checks of the doctoral thesis. Find a summary here. These are MUW rules but might also be useful for University students. Additionally, some of the info is helpful for paper writing. If you have questions, please contact Ulrike.

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Continuing your studies

What you need to do at the begin of every term to continue your studies?

! Pay your Union and tuition fees !
Attention: The University of Vienna and the MUWwill not send you a payment bill anymore!!!

UNIVIE: Payment of study fees via EPS (Electronic Payment System) Info in english and german.

University of Vienna

Medical University

How to..  
From this term on the MUW does not send out Erlagscheine anymore. To continue your studies you can pay the fees at your bank, via online banking or at the Studien- and Prüfungsabteilung.
You should have received an infomation email.            
Useful URLs  
https://univis.univie.ac.at https://campus.meduniwien.ac.at              
continue studying
continue studying at the MUW

Deadlines for maintaining your registration in WS 2011/12:

04.07. - 14.10.2011
extention until 30.11.2011 (more expensive!!)
16.08.11. - 30.09.2011
extention until 30.11.2011 (more expensive!!)

If your tuition fee remains unpaid a week (MUW)/ ten days (UNIVIE) after the last day of the extended admission deadline your admission expires. In order to resume your studies, you have to apply for admission again. If you are in the old system, you will be moved to the new one. If you are in the new system, you will lose 6 months!!!

Reimbursement of Union/tuition fees:
Our students from the IMP and IMBA will get all the fees reimbursed as before.

Students employed by the University of Vienna need to pay the fees but will get a refund of the tuition fee as an employer of the University at the end of the first term. Each next term they will be refunded at the beginning of the term. All students from the UNIVIE need to pay Union fees (16,86 EUR) each term.

Students from Non-EU countries at the Medical University need to pay the tuition and Union fee.

In order to get your fee expenses refunded, please fill in this form (words/numbers written in red need to be adapted). This is the same form that you use for Visa costs refunds. Please sign the form and tkae it together with the payment slip to Marion Linger (6th floor, room 6.108, successor from Bärbal Miksch).

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If you would like to attend a course that is announced at an University other than you are inscribed, you need to co-register at this University. Co-registration has to be renewed every semester within the admission period.

MUW students co-registering at the University of Vienna:

If you co-register the first time:
Fill in the pre-application for admission.
Fax the Studienblatt from the MUW and a copy of your student ID card to:  ++43 1 4277 9121 within the admission period.
You can also scan both documents and email it to: referat.studienzulassung@univie.ac.at
After the co-registration took place you can print out your Studienblatt via the UNIVIS system.

To continue the co-registration in the following terms:
Fax or scan the Studienblatt from the MUW to the number/email mentioned above with the request for co-registration.

(German only, the english version of the webpage is not up-to-date! Please follow the instructions above.)

University students co-registering at the MUW:

Students who want to attend secondary courses at another university while remaining fully enrolled in their main degree studies at their primary university are called co-registered students ("Mitbeleger").

If you co-register for the first time:
For the registration you need
  • your primary university admission record ("Studienbuchblatt")
  • copy of your student´s ID card
  • copy of your e-card

Options to register:
  • personally in the admission office
  • per fax (+43 1 40160 921 000)
  • per e-mail (studienabteilung@meduniwien.ac.at) within the admission period (including the extended admission period).
You will receive a PIN -code to activate your account in the MedCampus system. Login and print out your documents.

To continue the co-registration:
You only nee to sent you Studienbuchblatt within the admission period. See options above.

More information here.