Training program

The training program will be carried out in the first three months of the PhD. It will be a combination of lectures and practical exercises covering the fundamental principles and techniques of structural biology. This will create a common foundation of knowledge and skills shared by all the students in the program, which will then be further developed and enriched through more individualized training in advanced aspects of their specific biological system of interest.

Click here for the current teaching program

Click here for the 3 month teaching program from April to June 2016


The lecture and practical courses include:

Biochemical and biophysical characterization and validation approaches

Exploring protein structure

Theory and practice of biomolecular structure determination and characterization

Structural computational biophysics

Structural bioinformatics

Communicating structural biology research

PDB roadshow

Ethics in Science

Planning and project management

 ECTS points will be acquired for these courses to fulfill the university requirements.