Your PhD

The training program of the graduate program „Structure and Interaction of Biological Macromolecules” will comprise of laboratory and course training. The research project will introduce the students to hypothesis driven research and encourage them to find solutions to solve their particular biological question. In addition to their supervisor, students will be guided by a PhD committee made up of scientists from both inside and outside of the graduate program. Students will be encouraged to talk on ad hoc basis to faculty members and to discuss their projects with each other. Progress reports to the faculty and students of the graduate program will facilitate this endeavour.

Courses will include introductory practicals on the basics of protein expression, purification, characterisation as well as high-end instruction in the techniques of structural analysis and molecular imaging. Lectures will support those students whose masters courses did not cover all of the topics required to carry out graduate studies in structural biology and introduce the students to the advanced theory behind the techniques.
Students will be schooled in writing papers and grants as well as presentation techniques. Courses on patenting, project management and career planning will round off the education of the students in the soft skills area. 

The environment of the Vienna Biocenter provides the students with the opportunity to widen their perspective on science and discover new topics that are amenable to investigation by structural biological techniques.

Amelie Schoenenwald, a PhD-student of DK "Integrative Structural Biology" (Tim Skern Lab) talking about her project: