“Integrative Structural Biology” Retreat at Hernstein Castle

The “Integrative Structural Biology” Retreat took place on January 2018 in Hernstein Castle situated in the midst of an idyllic landscape between the Styrian and Lower Austrian limestone alps. Once a hunting lodge of the Habsburg family, Hernstein Castle provided a unique historical setting for scientific discussions.

We were honored to host two invited speakers, Dr. David Haselbach and Dr. Florian Schur, who were so kind to join us and share their scientific expertise in the exciting methods of cryo-electron microscopy. The collegiates had a chance to share and discuss their projects and scientific progress with the other collegiates, faculty and invited speakers.

There was plenty of opportunity for stimulating and fruitful discussions, which took place in magnificent historical rooms or in the castle gardens.

“The PhD Program recess in Hernstein was a unique opportunity for us to discuss our scientific projects in great detail and in a relaxed atmosphere. The questions, comments and criticisms I obtained were very valuable and helped me to further develop my project. The historic Hernstein castle was a truly spectacular location for the scientific and social program of this recess.”

Karin Olek, Collegiate