Graduation at UniVie

General remarks

There are many things to do for graduation – start preparing documents well in advance, check and stick to Deadlines

Things might take longer than originally expected – plan in some extra time if you receive e-mails from the SSC (UniVie study service center, Mag. Ernst Castellitz) : READ THEM CAREFULLY and forward them to the Program Manager

Assignment of your thesis to reviewers

WHEN: at least 4 months before your planned defense date

Contact potential reviewers and ask them if the agree on reviewing your thesis and give them a rough idea when you will send the thesis.

Bring the following documents to your Program Manager:

  • Reviewer assignment 3 reviewers are requested; at least 1 external (no collaborators, co-authors of you and your PI for the last 5 years or members of your thesis committee)
  • Supplementary sheet – the abstract of your thesis (in English)
  • Short statements to each reviewer describing his expertise (max. 1 page in total, incl. contact details)

You will be informed by E-Mail who was appointed as reviewer (2 out of 3).

Note: the SSC does not inform your reviewers. You are requested to contact and inform them if they were chosen or not. Check with the Program Manager if they are already registered in the UniVie personnel database. If not, forward them the Reviewer’s Data sheet and be sure to get it back before you defense.

Once your thesis is finished, sent a .pdf version to your reviewers. They do not receive a hard copy. Be sure that this version is identical to the one you upload at Hopla.

Your reviewers will receive the evaluation forms only after the upload and Plagiarism check.

Formal Requirements of your Thesis

  • Format:

Exclusively DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm), portrait (vertical) Double-sided printing only! Margins shall be selected in such a manner as to allow binding and stapling

  • Use the correct Cover Page and let it check by the Program Manager  BEFORE printing the .pdf document!
  • Your name shall be on the spine of the thesis

Contents of your thesis:

  • Index
  • Abstract – German (mandatory ; 1-2 pages)
  • Abstract – English (mandatory ; 1-2 pages)
  • Science (Introduction, Theory, Publications, Discussion, Materials & Methods –  please discuss the exact structure of this part with your PI)
  • References
  • Acknowledgements (optional)
  • Scientific CV (including publications, poster presentations,…)

Note: illustrations are also subject to quotation rules!

Generating the .pdf Document

  • Use the latest PDF version (1.4 or higher)
  • The document must not exceed 40MB
  • Only one .pdf document can be uploaded

The electronic version must be identical to the printed one

Electronic Submission

Upload at Hopla: can be done from any computer with internet access but only with your student login (a’registration number’ and PW)

Please read the INFO on BLOCKAGE of your thesis carefully!

You will receive a confirmation by E-mail once the upload was successful. Print it, sign it and keep it with the other documents.

NOTE: you need to submit the hard copies and documents within one week after uploading your .pdf version to the Program Manager

Submission of hard copies and documents

Max Perutz Labs prints 3 hard copies for free.

Send your .pdf file to Marion Linger and state that your are student of the DP ’Cell Signaling’.

One copy is sent to the Austrian National Library, one to the University Library and the third one is the copy for your PI. If you want printed versions for yourself, you need to print and bind more. Recommendations for binding: Lehrmittelstelle der Uni Wien Facultas

Submit the hard copies together with the following documents:

  • Your Data sheet
  • Data sheet from your reviewers
  • Submission of Doctoral Thesis
  • Copy of your CV, signed
  • Upload confirmation from Hopla, signed
  • Printout of the statistics sheet
  • Copy of your Letter of Acceptance (Zulassungsbescheid) for doctoral studies (if not available, ask for a copy at the registration office – this may take a few days!)
  • Copy of your current current student record (‘Studienbuchblatt’), download at UniVis
  • Copy of your transcripts, download at UniVis
  • Filled Prüfungspass
  • Blockage of the Thesis (if applicable)
  • Registration of the Defense (the place, date and examination board needs to be approved by the SSC before your defense)

Examination board: consists of a chair person and 3 examiners

Your supervisor can NOT be examiner but can be chair

Possible examiners: reviewers of your thesis, PIs @ Max Perutz Labs, UniVie and MedUni, members of your PhD committee

Note that UniVie can reimburse 500€ for external examiners for each Defense! Please forward the date and venue at least 1 week before your defense to the Program Manager for Campus wide announcement!

Thesis Defense and Examination

Set up:

  • PowerPoint presentation (30 min.)
  • Questions from the audience
  • Questions from the examiners

Usually, the discussion if finished within 30 minutes. Examiners will ask you questions about your work AND the scientific background to your work’s research field – be prepared well!

The Final Step…

You will be informed by E-mail when your degree is ready for pick up at the SSC (please bring an ID): SSC Lebenswissenschaften Zimmer 2C 323 UZA II, Althanstraße 14 A-1090 Wien Counter service: Tue & Wed: 9 – 12 Thur: 14 – 18