PhD Committee Meetings

Medical University of Vienna

The doctoral thesis committee is obliged to follow the progress of the doctoral thesis and has to report this to the university at least once a year.

Find here a pdf of the required report form:

The form provides space to enter a brief progress report protocol. Here, progress that has been made in the thesis project since the last report is to be summarised. The committee is absolutely free to decide about the form, in which the progress report meeting is held, and about who writes the brief progress report protocol. The crucial point is that the committee members (supervisor of the thesis and 2 further members) finally sign the form and thereby confirm the correctness of its content. The undersigned form must then be delivered to the Medical University of Vienna Study and Admission Office, attn. Martin Janku.

University of Vienna

It is the PhD student’s responsibility to organize the PhD Committee Meeting once per year. To document this, please use the following 2 forms which you can download here:

Please note that all your PhD Committee Members have to sign the Annual Report!!!
Make copies of these documents for yourself and give the originals to your PhD Program programme manager.